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Item Name: a-squared File Name: a2guard.exe
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The a2guard.exe process is an executable file of the a-squared Guard application from Emsi Software GmbH. It is used to protect computer system against malware, trojan and other Internet threats.  
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The a2guard.exe process is not an essential file to the system performance.  We recommend you do not disable it from startup list if you prefer the a2 'Background Guard' real time protection feature at the very beginning of the PC bootup. 
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background guard of paid version of a2. you are paying for this realtime protection so you need to run this on windows start up.
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Good antimalware + paid version = RUN at start (and even check the early start icon in program`s configuration)
Sidney Mendes
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Excelente Anti-Malware, atua em tempo real com constantes atualizações
Robert Fisher
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Much better than AdBlock or AdBlock Plus! Thank you Glarysoft.
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Per android???
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