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ABC keylogger.exe

Item Name: ABC File Name: keylogger.exe
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The keylogger.exe process is an execuatble file of the ABCKey logger, which is a versatile hacking tool which logs keystrokes silently. It can records everything you typed into the computer and sends them to the attachers for stealing your passwords, bank details, credit card numbers and other such sensitive information. It is considered as spyware. 
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The keylogger.exe process actually belongs to many keylogger programs, like Family Key Loggerand, JanNet and so on as they are the same name. It is considered as spyware for attackers to retrieve your personal data and other sensitive information like passwords, bank details, credit card numbers.

The keylogger.exe process is a great risk to the computer system security. We strongly recommend you to remove it immediately from the system startup list, clear it away from your system and scan your computer to ensure it is totally safe again. 
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Keystroke logger/monitoring program. Given a "U" recommendation because it depends if you intentionally installed it. If you didn't treat it as "X" and uninstall or remove
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Comme son nom l'indique, c'est un keylogger donc un outil a double tranchant. Ce processus n'est donc pas sur est peut même être dangereux.
kiss your priv gbye
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KEYLOGERS are not good whether you installed them or someone else has.. odds are a malware Trojan is or will take control of your system a keylogger downloaded from a torrent or freeware is more trouble than its worth .whether good intentions or bad you will have set off a silent script crossthread injection once you enter that site .if your lucky you might get away with it.if your not .good luck .these keylogger malware Trojans are super smart .all your security programs will be disabled leaving you with just the basics to run it.any attempt to rid the Trojan will set off an all out attack on you leaving you with a completely crashed system. 1. advice .see a pro..and I mean a pro..or complete low level format and reinstall usually a restore point wont work but .hey give it a shot .make sure all services and old saves are running for the restore in the services mmc .but first try this in safe mode .download a rootkit rkill and anti exploit mae using them in safe mode .
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