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File Name: aswUpdSv.exe
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The aswUpdSv.exe process is an executable file of the Avast Anti-Virus application. It handles the automatic updates for this antivirus program, updating both the virus database and the program itself. This process needs your computer connecting to Internet in order to carry out update features. If the Internet connection is persistent, the updates are performed automatically at a scheduled time as the user sets. If you only connect your computer to the Internet occasionally, then you should try to perform the update manually when you are online.
The aswUpdSv.exe process is not a critical component. It is an Avast Anti-Virus Update file and keeps the virus software up to date. If you are using Avast to protect your computer, you should keep it to ensure that your Anti-Virus software is always up to date. It is recommended not to be removed or disabled.
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Pauli Pilvi
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Avast virus protection More information
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Brian Howe
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Avast Anti-Virus Update Service
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Avast Anti-Virus Update file. It takes up very little memory, and it keeps your virus software up to date. Unless your computer is never going to be connected to the Internet again, I'd recommend leaving it on.
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Avast update reliable
g me
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Malware...cannot delete...malicious code...renders some installations useless becasuse of 'unstable .dll files' it's registry entry permissions are an almost impenetrable loop, can anyone help
Niu Gon
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I've been using Avast for years and it works fine.
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quiero eliminar esto
Michel Beaupré
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i am stick whit you program and i can not deleted????
no user
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