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File Name: ati2evxx.exe
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ati2evxx.exe(ATI External Event Utility) is a component of the display adapter drivers associated with the ATT video card, called ATI Hotkey Poller. It is installed alongside ATI Display Adapters and provides additional configuration options for these devices.
The Ati2evxx.exe is a Microsoft signed file. It is a non-essential process for windows system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. You need always check the file location to see if it is disguised by virus. The original location of ati2evxx.exe file is at C:WINDOWSSystem32ati2evxx.exe. If you find it anywhere else then you should be suspicious for sure.
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have tried and tried to remove it. But it won't go away. I am wondering if there is SOME WAY a virus could be hiding within this...I want it off my computer!!
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ati2evxx.exe is a process installed alongside ATI Display Adapters and provides additional configuration options for these devices. This program is a non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. More information
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ATI Display Adapters
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ATI utility. Donna, please read up on stuff before posting that kind of stuff. More information
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Donna and all others... Don't worry about geek freaks like josh! Be a gentleman at least and give the lady the right URL. More information
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harmless process asociated with ati graphics.
no user
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ATI Videocard related
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Lone Wolf
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Anybody else have ati2evxx.exe process running twice in their task manager? One is running in the SYSTEM32 using 2,268K memory. The other ati2evxx.exe process is running as my Logon User Name, also in the SYSTEM32 folder. Both are named the same, as an ATI External Event Utility EXE Module. Seems odd that it should be running twice alongside each other at the same time, from the same destination. The only thing different I can see in the windows task manager with this .exe is that it has my logon user name as one running process ran from the windows/system32 file and the other user name simply listed as SYSTEM, also running from the windows/system32 file. My OS is Windows XP Home SP2. Any user input on this task would be helpful. I apologize if I seemed to repeat myself. I am only trying to clarify it clearly so I can get a more detailed response from knowledgeable folks.
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It is not at all unusual for many processes to be invoked multiple times...simultaneously. That by itself, is nothing to be concerned about. Don't just go removing/uninstalling, or stopping (the last...via the Task Manager) processes that you know nothing about. And don't accept advice on web pages such as this from people you know nothing about. They may know even less than you! That makes common sense. Before you know it, you just might have uninstalled or stopped a critical process or program from functioning that could, in the end, bring your whole system down. Also don't worry about a process hogging memory. That can be perfectly acceptable and also fleeting as well. The system and your programs call upon processes to get things done. If on the other hand, you are experiencing specific problems repeatedly, then try to find out exactly what is happening, and contact the vendor of that software directly. In the case of ATI, they have a great website with lots of online support info.
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