Glary Utilities Pro

Version: 6.9 for Windows | Update: Apr. 22, 2024

One of the most consistently popular and most frequently recommended system utilities

Deep Dive Cleanup

Dive deeper into your system and the Windows Registry with our enhanced scan to detect even the most elusive junk. Eliminating this hidden junk information to boost system performance substantially

Automated Maintenance

Enjoy one-click optimization on your schedule. Glary Utilities Pro auto-cleans system junk, boosts performance, and erases usage traces like browsing history post-shutdown

One-click Maintenance

One-click maintenance Integrates frequently used functions together.One-click to clean up junk files,fix system errors,clear privacy records, and optimize computer performance.

Free Up Drive Space

Disk Cleanup searches for old temporary files, obsolete installation files,log files, internet history and cache, error reports, save offline contentand error logs etc. that you can safely delete on your computer.

Prevent errors or crashes

Based on years of experience, Glary Utilities can more safely clean up the errors in your registry to prevent some inexplicable program errors or system crashes. Also it can detect and fix disk corruption.

Make your computer run faster

Is your computer getting slower? Glary Utilities can help you identify anddisable unnecessary startup programs that take up resources, or uninstall infrequently used software to free up more hard disk space

Protect Your Privacy

Your browser will record the URL you have visited, and some software will also save the name of the file you opened last time. Glary Utilities can help you find and delete them. Glary Utilities can also help you completely delete files so that they cannot be recovered

Keep Your Software Update To Date

The newer version of the software usually has better functions,higherperformance, fixes bugs and vulnerabilities, and has better security, Glary Utilities can help you discover and update new versions in time

Recover Lost or Deleted Files

Did you accidentally delete an important file? Did you also empty theRecycle Bin? Don't worry. Glary Utilities can help you find and restorethem quickly

Analyze Disk Space Usage

Are you running out of hard drive space? And you want to know whichfiles or folders take up the most space? Disk Space Analyzer can quickly scan your hard disk and show you them sorted by size

Find and Remove Duplicate Files

You may have downloaded the same file twice or backed up the samefile twice. Duplicate Files Are Big Disk Space Hogs. Dupliate Finder can help you find and delete them.

What users say about Glary Utilities?

I've used your software for, literally, decades. It is the most reliable thorough PC maintenance set of utilities in my maintenance tool kit. Thank you for your continued attention to quality and reliability.

Tom Ackley

I must agree that this is defiantly the very best program of this type I also have used, I have for some time uninstalled all of the other programs that I have used in the past thank you Glarysoft for your support.

John Tregunna

Great software many tools are free plus it has 1 click maintenance. No more programs for this or for that, this is all in one go goooooo...

Ossy Stomp Marlies

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